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Using a Steam Deck to control a Ukrainian automatic turret, now I've seen it all #SteamDeck
Well, ya did discuss Steam Deck as a "work" computer on Linux Downtime. :ablobcatnod::ablobcool:

it's cheap, well-built, runs Linux, and has a good-quality screen, CPU/GPU, battery life, and input devices. honestly a pretty good candidate.

something arm-based would probably be preferable (due to battery life/power consumption), but i don't think mainline Linux distros are there yet.

A whole new immersion without respawns
Ahora a viciarme al God OF War Ascension
Steam Deck for fictional wars in videogames, no a tool for war.

"Is anyone there?"

"I see you"

"Hey, it's me!"

I keep hoping a PC dongle will come out that we can fly our drones with our Steam Decks.