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Missing comments

!Friendica Support Is this expected behavior or bug? Same post, but not same comments .. maybe it's related to missing "Show more comments" button?

I made some testing and comments are actually disappearing.

Tried to make this:
Post - URL i am at
 + Comment 1
    - Reaction 1
      - Reaction 1.1
         - Reaction 1.1.1
+ Comment 2
   - Reaction 2
      - Reaction 2.1

But as soon as i made Reaction 1.1.1, Comment 1 disappeared (deleting some reactions made me to bring it back).

I wonder if it isn't some settings inside of friendica what's causing this?

Before Reaction 1.1.1

After Reaction 1.1.1 and Reaction 2.1 - Comment 1 and 2 disappeared

I can do further testing if needed, but this does not seem as expected behavior (or at least not by me as user 😀 )

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Thank you for your in-depth testing, this is indeed not supposed to happen. This last couple of months we've been focusing on fixing thread completion for threads longer than about 50-100 posts, but even then I have trouble believing this unexpected behavior is a byproduct of this work.

@Michael Vogel , any thoughts?

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Do I understand it right that the problem isn't that the messages aren't there, but that the display page doesn't show them, but the contact does?

That's weird, since in principle they use the identical function.
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Can any of you guys confirm that it happens elsewhere so i'd post a bug report?

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