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Friendica 2023.04 released

Content warning: We are very happy to announce the availability of the new stable release of Friendica “Giant Rhubarb” 2023.04. The highlights of this release are For details, please the CHANGELOG file in the repository. What is Friendica Friendica is a decentralized comm

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I don't really think I'm the first one using that release. 🤣

2023.01 (113)
2023.03-dev (14)
2023.03-rc (33)
2023.04 (1)
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I guess stats are not real-time, except toe ones for local node.
(it makes sense)
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took about 2h for the db update. runs smooth now.... thx for your work!
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Joe Slam
thx, I did....
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hey.......i would like to know how to get verified on #Friendica .... if anyone would tell me, that would be cool....