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Category and hashtag searching issue

Hello !Friendica Support

i have trouble with tag searching function on my profile and i also think i have broken a category due to special character.

Let's go for hashtags first: returns nothing
Category also does not work (special character issue?):

This public post has #Unihertz and is in "IT & technologie" though, so it should be discoverable with former links

Anyone experiencing similar behavior?

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Also, it seems like i have trouble searching any of my hashtags. It does not matter if i use search or profile status filtering, i do not get any meaningful results: seems like it does not filter at all.

I can't safely say it started with 2022.12 or with PHP8 migration, but i am highly suspicious about it. Any hints for debugging?

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It seems that no tags are working with search function for me. Can anybody confirm?

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After DB optimisation (post-tags was corrupted) searching within tags works, but only using search function. Hashtag filtering from profile ( still does not work.

Any ideas?

That category with special character still seems not to work - guess it's actual bug, gonna report it later

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So, did the research and found/filled bugs:

Special characters does not seem to work with categories
Wrong hashtag post-filtering URL on /profile page
DB Error: "Index post-tag is corrupted"

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