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Permission problem with Mastodon

Hi !Friendica Developers

my mate just told me that he can't access pictures i posted within a post as they are being shown as "inaccesssible".


I checked permission to pictures and post and both is set correctly to same group, so i am confused and it seems like i encoutered a bug.

(may be unrelated) When he tries to reach the pictures, he gets redirected to my friendica instance and can't access anything (obviously, he is not authenticated)


Any ideas, or should i go directly to bug reporting?
@Marco R. @Schmaker I wonder what the problem is, the post is distributed to the personal inbox for the user and the pictures should be attached.
@Schmaker we have one developer who is surely able to explain this and tell if this is a bug. I would suggest to open an issue and link to this thread also. @Roland Häder
@utzer ~Friendica~ @Schmaker Sorry, I'm busy with # (honestly) and my girlfriend. If you want faster results, better check the # tracker at
I think the image is not attached but linked. In the past some dfrn permission thing happened in the background so you could see restricted images from within Friendica. I don't know if this is still the case.
I agree, that files (incl. images) should be attached, but then you would lose control over access. No easy answer...

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I just made the bug report here

I wonder, if image data couldnt be attached within the post itself instead linking them? As long as text stream is secure, text stream with image data should be too, if i understand the issue correctly.

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