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According to the Russians, everyone against them is #fascist and #Nazi.
But it is the Russians who freely use the term "NON-HUMANS" in a government TV program. It reminds me of the term "#untermensch". When will "special operation" be renamed "final solution?"

Dehumanizing the ideological enemy is the first step in committing #genocide.

The Russians are already carrying out #deportation and liquidation of 🇺🇦 #culture and #terror against the population.

Ukrainians described as NON-HUMANS on Russian state TV.

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I have seen a lot of stuff from @Julia Davis Share and it would all be ridiculous until you realize, that these guys are actually killing with this stuff on mind.

I wonder why nothing is happening yet in Russia in terms of unrest. Their men are dying for stupid reasons while propaganda TV is having butterfly feeling in belly for killing civilians in Dnipro